By the late 50's drag racing was already happening at St. Thomas, but that's before the track was ever built. The Gear Jammers, a car club, managed to organize drag racing at the St. Thomas airport. It's really quite amazing that this ever happened. Most dragstrips started on airstrips, but to my knowledge, none were still in use, like St. Thomas was. This worked because there were no permanent structures, and the anything that was built could simply be slid to the side during the week, and pulled back out for racing. This was a great partnership, until a forgotten timing tower was left on the track, and a government official tried landing an airplane. Short and sweet, and a tale for the ages. Without this endeavor I'm not sure that the St. Thomas Raceway as we know it would exist. 

By the summer of 1962 land had been secured from a local farmer and the first purpose-built track in Canada was underway. Over the years the track has been through many names rearrangements, but the heart of it is still the same. It's the "Go Fast Capitol of Canada". 

The day was great, with cars of many different generations of drag racing coming out to take part. From nostalgia, to a jet dragster. The ONDR racers came out to take part too. I even had to duck into one of their trailers when the rain started. 

With the 55th anniversary and all the history I chose to grab my Pentax K1000, a 35mm film camera from the 70s, and a few rolls of expired film to document the day. The day was packed with the local drag racers celebrating their own history in the best way they knew how. Drag racing. Without further adieu, I'll let the photos do the talking.

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