After my first year attending the Mapleton Custom Rodders show in Moorefield on a Friday night I'm always excited to go back. Not only is it local to me, it also has a really interesting selection of cars. Every year I find something totally unexpected, and I find myself guilty of thinking that all the cool stuff has to be at least a road trip away. This show of, what I believe is, less than 300 cars, never fails to surprise me.

The tri-fives were the first surprise for me. Everywhere I looked there seemed to be another one. And it seems that most of these cars don't travel either. They all were restored locally, and seem to be destined to remain local as well. This show is unique that way. I see few cars from other places at this show, and few cars from this show at other places.

To me there were three stand-out vehicles at the show. I didn't take nearly enough photos of any of them. I have contact info for at least one of them.

Firstly this Chevy pickup was really cool, honestly, because of the owner/builder's age. He's 21 and build this thing in a barn. The Nova front clip keeps it straight and true, while the Jimmy rear end, connected to the 305, pushes this thing along. While it isn't traditional, it's a true hot rod in my mind.

This camper also drew me in in an unusual way. In the past several months I have been slowly pulled into wanting a vintage camper trailer, and along with that comes a new appreciation for old school R/V's too. I haven't got a clue about this Dodge, but I really want to go on a road trip right about now.

Lastly, and probably most unexpected was this Lincoln Zephyr. I was not expecting any sort of V12 at the show, and would have expected a Ferrari V12 before this. While the flathead V8 is the icon of traditional hot rod engines, I'm not sure it gets much cooler than a flathead V12!

I'd have made the drive out just for those three vehicles, but the rest of them were no slouches either! By the time I made my rounds and got only a few of the photos I planned on taking, I was counting on the baseball diamond lights, and people were leaving the party early. I guess I'll have to wait until next year to see the rest.