by Mark "the Prez" Rogerson

It's been over a year since  the ELTA. Disciples of Speed were invited to show our cars in Cleveland Ohio at the Summit Piston Powered Autorama Show.

For those that are unaware, the Cleveland Show is the largest in North America hosting over 1 million sq. ft. of show space.

Our pal Dave Adams who runs the N.O.C.C.A. (North Ohio Custom Car Association) had put out the invite to have the ELTA be apart of the inaugural basement display which Dave and the NOCCA were organizing.

In short order we had 10 cars and around 20 ELTA members committed to go even thou it would only be 2 weeks after the Detroit Autorama where the ELTA had displayed 10 cars. But the ELTA reputation  has been built on our commitment of participation and support of the car bring on 

Travel day soon came and our convoy of trucks and trailers lead by Wayne Rochon in his super sweet black 57 Chevy hardtop was making quick work of the 5 hour road trip to Cleveland.

Wayne Rochon ELTA Lug Nuts

As we approached the IX Center, one could see how massive this place was. This place was once a plant to build bomber air craft during WW11 and tanks during the Vietnam War. 

Dave Adams quickly had us out of our trailers  and lined up in proper order in  the parking lot. 

Then we were lead to a steep laneway that took us under the IX Center. As the large power door opened, a wall lite , 3 car wide tunnel appear before us all. Our motors echoed off  the walls as we all drove in. It actually  looked like a under ground drag This image wasn't lost on us, Jim Heron broke our single file formation by pulling into the lane next to us all with his blown 632 big block powered pro street 1969 Chevelle and began blowing the dust off his huge 21 inch buns as he sped by all of us. Before you knew it everyone was bringing up their rev's and peeling rubber as we shot towards the end of the tunnel where the glow of our brake lights at the end bounced off the brilliant red paint of Eric Hills 32 Ford pic up which was sitting patiently for all of us at the entrance to the lower half of the Autorama Show. Eric's big smile was definitely giving us the stamp of approval on our loud rev pitched entrance into the basement. 

As the doors opened for us into the lower half  of the show area a crowd had formed to see who was making all the noise that had been felt thru the floor above on the main floor of the IX center show. Later on one American rodder had told us he could feel the rumble of our cars under his feet up stairs and even saw a couple of guys running by him calling out.."the Canadians are here!". 

Kenny Kroeker over the next 4 days captured it all on his camera. These images project the awesome weekend that the ELTA enjoyed. Besides all the fun we had, it was pretty cool being the first large scale display by Canadians at the Cleveland IX Piston Powered Autorama Show where our group received  11 awards, a custom show  jacket, hung out with Jay Leno, took in Don Moyers and Frank & Dick Farroni's outstanding hot rod/ drag car collections and left lasting good will with our new American brothers.

ELTA Display

The Basement

Main Floor

Hot Rod Asylum

Van Alley

The Moyer Collection

The Farroni Bros.

Headed Home (Riding shotgun in Wayne's '57)

Thanks again Kenny for taking  some many great pictures of one very cool road trip.