The more I hear about "the good old days", the more I wish I had lived through them. The days of Connie Kalitta, Don Garlits, Shirley Muldowney, and all the rest. I'd have had a chance to watch Scott Wilson break records in the Time Machine, and Bill Kydd do the same with his car. But as I start looking at what they did, I see what people are doing right now, and that the passion of the days gone by hasn't ended. We have our own hard-working racers still doing what they used to. Sure, times have changed, but at the core of it the people and the passion is the very same as "the good old days."

The shots below, they were all shot on 35mm film on a Pentax K1000.

While bracket racing is the new norm, heads up racing is back, with the Ontario Street Outlaws. There really is something for everyone. If you want to watch gassers, there is nostalgia drag racing, the ONDR (Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racing) is a great organization with some amazing racing! There are so many passionate racers here in Southern Ontario that dump their own money into what they love. We have local funny car teams, and local top fuel teams with some very passionate people behind them! We have young guys trying to get into old school stuff, and older guys who are passionate about the newest and fastest. It's all there, but it seems that outside of the people directly involved, there is a lack of interest. If you're not already aware, I think you'd be amazed at the amount of talent near wherever you are.

Besides these more grass roots movements there are still NHRA and IHRA events happening still too. The Nitro Nationals are coming up at Toronto Motorsports Park in July, and the Mopar Nationals at Grand Bend in August.

If you think that drag racing is going downhill, then support it so it can get better. I'd love to see the stands packed at our local drag strips. We have some incredible history to keep alive, and a lot of people who want to do it, but they can't do it alone. Here are links to the tracks I go to as often as I can.

Grand Bend Motorplex

St. Thomas Raceway Park (Sparta)

Toronto Motorsports Park (Cayuga)

As they say, "Save a tree, and support your local drag strip".

If you have old film cameras, or old film you want to get rid of (35mm, 120 film, 8mm, or Super 8) please let me know. I'd love to make good use of them.

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