Walking into Detroit Autorama this year was almost an adrenaline rush this year. I had been away from cars for a month, and was in serious withdrawl. Admittedly, I was like an drug addict getting high for the first time in a month. 

First thing walking in the door is the best of the best I will probably see for the next year, and while I heard some people saying that there were slim pickings for the Great 8 this year, I was in my glory around these metal sculptures that will likely never be seen driving on the road. This has always been my problem with these cars, but really, there isn't too many show cars around, and these indoor shows attract all of them.

It actually took me about half an hour until I took my camera out as I was drinking it all in, and honestly I could have walked the whole show without taking a picture if it weren't for the fact that I enjoy sharing and remembering the experience. My first photos were of these two black beauties. They stopped me in my tracks, and for good reason.

All of them deserved me stopping for much longer than I could, simply because I was headed home on the same day. As time goes on I start looking at different things, and just like everyone else, I'm looking at wagons more and more. While I wasn't crazy about the colour combo on the wagon, they nailed the stance, and the interior looked like a place I wanted to move into.

While all the cars were the attraction, the true magic behind everything is the people, and my highlight of the day was to meet the Lug Nuts car club! Yes they're out there, and yes, they seem like a good bunch of guys, how could they not?!

Trucks of Detroit Autorama 2017

Like any good country kid I love a good pickup and couldn't resist snapping a few photos of pretty near every one I saw. Especially the mud runner! 

I quickly fell in love with this bubble roof, and the wild styling. I wish I could see more of these cars, and I would love to be able to cruise around town in one of these. I think I'd take it on a cloudy day only though considering a greenhouse would be cooler.

The rest of the showcars upstairs were a huge joy to look at. Between the new and shiny, and the old and full of history, I dig it all! 

The only downside of the show was that the basement wasn't quite at the level of excitement it normally is. At first I thought it was that there wasn't as many familiar faces as I'm used, but after getting back home and seeing what other people were saying, I realized that it wasn't just me. All that to said, there were truly some gems in the basement still, and here are a few.