After the surprise of Cobble Beach last year I couldn't wait to go back this year, with the bar set high. I have to say, this year definitely did not disappoint. 

This was this fourth year of the show, and it's easy to see why it keeps going. The atmosphere around the show is so welcoming, and so "Canadian", that I almost feel at home there. I didn't go for a nap on the green, but there's always next year.

Concours events are often looked at as something that only happens in the States, and walking through everything at Cobble Beach it's hard to believe how much of it is local. In fact, it's not totally unusual to see familiar cars and faces at the event. We have featured a Healey Silverstone in the printed magazine that was at the event in the first or second year of Cobble Beach, and have made it to see some collections of the participants of Cobble Beach as well. 

Walking on the field I was met with a familiar sight, a Graham that won last year, and I was right into the mix of it with wide eyes again.

One of my favorites on the field included the Talbot Lago race car. This car is a true race car, and has the scars to prove it. The owners still race it too! I'm amazed at their dedication to the hobby from the few stories I have heard. This car truly deserved the blue ribbon it received.

Another favorite I couldn't take my eyes off was the '32 Auburn Speedster that ended up winning up Best of Show, and People's Choice. The lines on this car are extraordinary. The lines rolled into the hood flow perfectly back to the doors. The sloped back windshield emphasizes the sweeping lines. However the piece de resistance is definitely the headlights! The shape of these is breathtaking! Not only the headlights though, but every light on the front of the car! The doors couldn't be simple either. The shape of the doors line up with the windshield. The elegance of this car simply can't be put into words.

Another head-turner was a very special Willys pickup. While talking to the owner, he told me it was a very last minute finish. He was still making the interior the day before he was due to show the truck! What makes this truck special though, is the fact that it's restored. Every one of these that I have seen has been turned into a custom show truck, or used for drag racing. The Willys of that era were always popular for drag racing because their sheet metal was so thin. In later years drag racers would acid dip their fenders to reduce weight, but it seems that Willys' choice for the thin sheet metal created the ideal conditions for the vehicles to be used in ways they weren't meant to be used. These have also become rare because the thin sheet metal would also quickly rust through, and at the time I don't think they were too collectible, and I'm sure many just ended up at the scrapyard.

The variety of cars Cobble Beach attracts is outstanding! A large portion of them are American, but they certainly don't write off the European classics either! Ferraris, Aston Martins, Mercedes, MG's, etc. It's one day to see them all!

This isn't just a show for the old cars either. There is also a class for newer supercars. This attracts some very elite special edition cars of some elusive marques.

In the end a day like this isn't long enough to meet everyone and take everything in. I took a lot of photos, but only had enough time to chat with a few of the owners. This event remains one of my favorites, and I have been waiting for next year's concours since the moment I left this year's.




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