Somewhere in the back of my head I wanted to see a place where all automotive enthusiasts come together and appreciate each other's work, even when it's a totally different style. After attending the Northern Showdown last year, I realized that I had found that place! 

This year is Northern Showdown's third year, and was located in Milton this year at the Country Heritage Park. I arrived to see lowriders, customs, rat rods, high end hot rods, traditional hot rods, mini trucks, lifted trucks, shiny paint, petina, vinyl wraps...and the list goes on and on.

Seeing this kind of camaraderie makes me very hopeful for the future of the car culture. It's this mentality that will accomplish great things. Everyone has their own taste in cars, but everyone should have the ability to appreciate what everyone else is doing.

Now I do have to admit that my eye catches hot rods first, and I mostly took photos of the older cars out of habit.

Now, onto the cars/trucks.

The truck above's leather work was absolutely amazing! The leather work seems pretty old school, and seeing it in this mini truck was really cool!

Keeping with the theme of trucks (sort of), I really liked this piece. I was too busy admiring it and forgot to take pictures, which has become a common theme with me lately. This truck had a wild wooden interior, and the owner wasn't sure if he would be replacing it, or wrapping it in a more suitable interior fabric.

Spending a good portion of its life as a California farm truck, this rusty body didn't have much rust or farm truck materials underneath.

The cleanest cars at the show seemed to be the ones with hydraulics, or maybe it's all that chrome...either way, they were awesome! The engine bay on this one was one of the shiniest I have every seen at an outdoor show!

One of my favorites of the day was this 58 Impala. Riding on air and sitting on the ground was a good look for it!

Spotted some cool vinyl wraps at the show as well! I know it's not as authentic, but it's really cool nonetheless! I'm thinking I should start collecting some rust photos to wrap my daily driver.

Thanks for the great show Northern Showdown! I'm looking forward to next year already!