By Dan Bethune

By the time “Huck” Crossett took possession of this 1934 Ford coupe, it was already a worthless old car. The year was 1957, and young Don was the owner of an automotive repair shop.

One day, he was working on a brand new 1957 Chevrolet sedan in his Shop. It was equipped with the very desirable and rare fuel injection option.
The details of what happened next is an issue of some dispute. 
Theory 1: The Chevrolet caught fire inside the shop.

Theory 2: The Chevrolet fell off of the hoist

Theory 3: The back wall of the garage fell in, destroying the Chevrolet

Whichever theory you believe, the end result was a destroyed ‘57, and a pristine fuel injected 283. Huck was able to negotiate a deal with the insurance company, and he wound up in possession of the desirable engine.

Huck also had this ‘34 coupe, but he needed a hot engine. He now had one.

At the time, this coupe ran in grey primer, with a white painted firewall, no hood, and now a cherry injected 283. It was time to go drag racing!

In 1959, he entered the ‘34 in the very first London Autorama, where he won a trophy in his class.

Before too long, Huck stopped driving the car, and it was gone from sight for many decades.

Fast forward to 1997…

The car came out of storage, still in grey primer, but with a different engine, and newer chrome wheels. A young guy was seen driving it to cruise nights for only a year or two. It turns out that the young driver was Huck's nephew.

Fast forward to the new millennium…

The current owner of the car has rebuilt it to a very high standard; and although it is seldom seen, it is a breathtaking ride.

As is often the case, the impressive appearance is almost as good as the stories the car could tell. 

Thanks for reading,