By Dan Bethune

I was completely misunderstood. I always thought the story of Ron Box's first chopped top went like this...

After years of saving his grass cutting $$$, a 16 year old Ron walked into the local Mercury Dealer to buy a brand new 1951 Mercury.

The Dealer balked at the young man, but when his parents accompanied him later, the Dealer took him seriously, and sold him a Mercury.

1 week later, 16 year old Ron chopped the top. His first chop.

photo courtesy of Kustomrama

photo courtesy of Kustomrama

Now, I had the story all wrong. Ron was kind enough to correct me last weekend.

He had the Mercury for 3 whole months before he chopped the top. His mother was in a fender bender with his car, and while fixing the damage, he whacked the top.

16 years and 3 months old, thank you very much!

Thanks for reading.



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