By Dan Bethune

A Tale of the Feature Car from the 2015 ELTA Bash...

This car was originally built; without the body, in 1955. It was powered by a Desoto Hemi, and it was raced at Kohler Dragway (Cayuga).

Perhaps inspired by the Glass Slipper dragster, the owner built this radical fiberglass body over their car in 1957, in an attempt to improve the aerodynamics of the car.

During the 1958 season, the car experienced a significant clutch failure. The clutch exited the car to the left, and took the drag link with it. The subsequent crash was not catastrophic, but it damaged the body work.

A short time after, the car was retired. One thing led to another, and the car wound up dismantled.

In 2015, the remnants of the car were donated to the East London Timing Association. The historically minded ELTA members gathered every bit of the body they could find, and hauled it all back to their Clubhouse.

Last Tuesday, they were busy riveting the various tiny pieces of fiberglass together, so that the body would be presentable for the Bash on Saturday.

They even had a second chassis on display.

Best of all, the 82 year old original owner/builder was there. It was great to talk to him.

He even brought with him the first known drag racing timing equipment, built in 1952 from record player parts."

Thanks for reading.

-Dan :)