Rain. That's exactly what's coming to mind when I think of the Unfinished Nationals. I may have hidden beside a wall during the torrential downpour just before I decided to leave.

The Unfinished Nationals pull in a great crowd! I was throuroghly impressed at the quality and uniqueness of the vehicles on the field. It's a show for builders of hot rods and customs more than anything else, and there were some really good ones!

While the rain might have scared some people off, the amount of cars made for a great show! Enough to look at, but not so much that you can't see everything. 

The ELTA was the feature club, and as always, they put on a great display.

Back in February I paid a visit to the Highwaymen and saw Chris Pomeroy's work in progress. I gotta say that this thing looks amazing! Great work Chris!

Besides the big cars, it's always good to see the little ones showing up too. This one built and pulled by our friends over at Distorted Vision. They build some cool stuff!

Keeping with the young ones, this Morris Minor is owned by 15-year-old Daniel Colburne. It's got a great stance, and what a unique and awesome vehicle for someone who had to get his dad to drive him here! And that mini bike might have me a bit jealous too...

Richard Ruiter was out and about with his newest creation as well. Richard has the talent to build anything, but actually wants to drive his vehicles, so he built something where the stone chips and dust are okay. If you doubt his talent, just take a look under the hood. This truck is definitely no rat rod!

Now, just like when I was at the Fleetwood Country Cruize-In, there was just too much cool stuff to talk about, so here's a lump of photos for your enjoyment!

This is a show that makes me feel at home because of the cars and the people it attracts. Count me in for next year. Rain or shine!