The Fleetwood Country Cruize-In has to be on the biggest, if not the biggest, car shows in Canada. I'm not sure of the numbers this year, but would estimate around 5,000 cars on Saturday.

Steve Plunkett does a great job putting this show together every year. He brings in celebrities, from Jeff Lutz to Gene Winfield, and attracts cars from near and far. It was great running into a bunch of friends, and it's always good to make new friends too!

The ONDR (Ontario Nostalgia Drag Racing) guys put up a great display showing off some really cool cars that still see the track on a regular basis. I'm looking forward to spending some time at the track with this crowd again this year!

Ron Box's custom is a favorite of mine. Stay tuned for a story of Ron. He is one of the most talented builders I have come across.

I was really liking this Model A. Very old-school, and the slicks on the back just finished it off so well!

There's some people that you almost meet at a lot of shows, but never quite make the connection. It was great to finally meet Scott and his son Eric, and see their wagon in person!

Our friends from Cambridge Tire said they had a great drive, leaving Cambridge at 5 AM!

ELTA friends who must have been avoiding me, because I didn't see them all day!

This was definitely one of my favorites of the day. Something about the really early stuff has been getting me excited lately. This 1906 Caddy was labelled as a 1905 by a museum, probably to make their collection look more complete. It still says 1905 on it, because it hasn't been painted since then. It sports a 1.6 L 1 cylinder engine, and has all the class it needs with those giant brass lights and hub caps.

The thing that made this stand out to me was the fact that it's far from perfect. The chipped paint makes you realize that this beauty still gets driven. If it was spotless it would be too valuable to drive. Really think I need to do some photoshoots with cars from this era sometime.

I never get tired of seeing Mike Livia's truck, Copperhead. It sure looked great in the Meguiar's booth!

There were way more vehicles than I can talk about, so I will just let the pictures do the talking for a bit. 

No trip to the Fleetwood Country Cruize-In would be complete without taking a walk through Steve's garages. His taste is great, and his cars alone make the drive worthwhile! 

Thanks for putting together this show, Steve!