First time at the track this year, and it's been a long time coming. Most of June was just too full of car shows and other events to make it to the track. Realizing that I could make it to the Mopar Nationals got me quite excited! A quick call to a friend who lives near the track, and runs the Pinery Antique and Flea Market (his truck also appeared on the cover of Issue #5 of the printed magazine). It was really great to have someone to hang out with for the day. 

After meeting up with Matt Tuckey, we hung out behind the start line up on the stage for a while. With this track being only minutes from Matt's place, he seemed to know just about everybody, which made the day even more interesting for me. 

Matt spotted an acquaintance of his from Weld Racing and we quickly caught up with him. Greg Bennet is following the IHRA around and helping out with the Weld Racing wheels. He was a great guy to meet, and I definitely learned a lot from him about their wheels as he gave us a ride around the pits on his golf cart (great way to see the pits!).

After spending some time drooling over Matt's truck we made out way back to the staging lanes to watch the main racing for the afternoon, including the Pro Mods, Nitro Bikes, Nitro Funny Cars, and Top Fuel!

When all the other vehicles had finished making their ridiculous noise (never enough), the jet truck lined up, and I was taking pictures while standing on top of a picnic table, a bit behind the start line. The flame coming out of the jet truck made the day suddenly feel twice as warm, and finally, I was covered in whatever smokey concoction that the jet truck spews out the back when it takes off, combined with tiny bits of rubber it blew off the track, which stuck to my face, and got all in my hair. Apparently the rubber on the face is called "Goodyear Freckles". Totally worth it!

As always, time at the track is amazing! Now to go back again next week for ONDR!