There's something special about a car show that goes into the dark. I have found that it creates a different kind of atmosphere. Things become more of a party and a lot less formal. And if you're lucky, the lights can be absolutely fantastic!

When I heard that the Mapleton Custom Rodder's show was going to be on a Friday night again, I was very happy! Baseball diamond lights in the early hours of the night, with a good group of guys, I know it's going to be a good time!

The car show happens in Moorefield, Ontario, and is probably the closest car show to my home. It almost seems unfair to not have to go on a drive to end up at a show this good!

Surprisingly, this show has been happening most of my life, for the past 20 years, in fact! It was started by a few of the locals in partnership with the Optimist Club, and after lack of interest from the Optimist Club, the Mapleton Custom Rodders took it over and have been doing it ever since. All profits from the show are donated to local fire halls, hospitals, etc, and all members volunteer their time into the show as well.

This fresh build by Rob Purcell, for a client, Danny, was getting a lot of attention! The traditional style and parts, and the uniqueness of the unchopped T body wasn't turning anyone away. By the end of the night the owner had figured out that another person showing a vehicle at the show owned the car a few decades ago, and had applied their own vision of what kind of hot rod they wanted to this same vehicle. Finding these stories is one of the highlights of spending time in this hobby!

This show allows just about anything with wheels in, and the variety is great! There is everything from classic imports to lifted trucks. While the lifted trucks are more of a new trend, it's great to see them welcomed by an older show like this one. Honestly, the trucks fit right in in the country village of Moorefield.

It's great seeing how the different generations of car guys get along, with each generation doing things just a bit differently, and leaving their mark on the culture for the next generation.