"Remember when we...." a phrase used by most adults hanging around old friends, and it's that thought that sparked the Remember When Cruise put on by the Brantford Piston Pushers. 

Back when hot rods and customs were driven and built by teenagers, and could probably be compared to the lifted trucks, and tuners of today, there obviously wasn't any sort of cell phones, texting, Facebook messaging...or any of that. So the problem was to be able to find your friends if you were out and about. If you arrived at the local burger joint and a friend you were looking for wasn't there you simply had to drive to the next local hangout, essentially creating a rolling car show. When the gas tank neared empty, you looked at your friends, everyone pitched in what they could so you could do another round or two, looking for buddies, and of course, the mysterious female.

The Remember When Cruise aims to put on the same type of rolling car show. With 3 locations across Brantford, and punch cards motivating participants to keep driving. A punch card with a stamp from each of the 3 locations is good for a draw to win 1 of 2 custom-painted bar fridges. 

This is a great idea, and to keep it all the more authentic, the cruise runs until about 10, just in time for an 11 o'clock curfew (I snuck in at home around 1 am). 

The sights and sounds of this event are spectacular. The Brantford Piston Pushers are over 60 years old, and invite out all their coolest friends for this event. I'm not sure how far people drove to spend the evening driving, but I know I certainly didn't drive the furthest. 

One of the more special cars of the evening was Glenn Botting debuting his latest creation. This Falcon was driving around last summer as well, but this summer it has a different engine, fresh body work, and fresh paint, among other things. Glenn, you hit it out of the park again!

While Glenn's car is going to be one of the coolest of the summer, my highlight of the night had to be hopping in with a good friend Greg Peltz for a quick blast to one of the stops, where someone told us that his brake lights weren't working. We made it back to the main stop (A&W) just fine, and Greg headed home before dark. It's the life of modifying old cars, there's bound to be some issues.

In my mind Greg's Hudson is somewhere between a rat rod and a traditional hot rod. I think it's really a traditional hot rod that isn't taken too seriously, a point made clear by Greg's new shifter, a beer tap handle from a local watering hole. Not sure how he got it, but I hope it's a good story.

With all the scenery I wasn't sure which direction to point my camera. On top of that, I don't have much info on most of these rides either, but I'm sure there's one or two of these that you will see more of on this site in the future.

This event flies by, and it's always over too quickly. The parking lot at night is always special. In the past a Firebird spitting some pretty impressive flames out of the back has been part of the event, but I gotta say that the scenery this year was just as good as the past 2 years I have attended. I'm already looking forward to next year!