The Graffiti Car Show is put on by the Highwaymen, who I went to visit earlier this year. After getting rained out last year, and postponing the event until much later in the year, they had sunshine, and near perfect weather (not too hot, and not too cold) this year. 

Their show at the Waterloo Rod and Gun is one where people come and go until the end. It's not one where you're expected to arrive early and stay right to the end. This creates a relaxed environment for the showgoers, and a bit of a rush to see everything twice, just in case you might miss something. I managed to find snap some pics of some cools stuff, although the Lead Kings were leaving just as I arrived, but I did see them the day before at their Rodding for Reading show in Cambridge.

Upon spotting this '33 I did a double take as the colour and finish look like a '33 we featured in print. Not the same, but also really cool!

Hey there Welder Series!

The Highwaymen's own Maurice did up these two rides. One for him, and one for his daughter.

I ran into a lot of familiar faces at the show, and ended up talking to most of them and forgetting to take pics of their rides, so I don't know too much about most of the rides here, so I'll let you make up your own stories, even for that crazy looking 'vette at the end!