The Lead Kings are a really unique club, with some really cool cars and awesome friends, and when they throw an event, some awesome customs are guaranteed!

Rodding for Reading is not only a really cool car show, but also a fundraiser for The Literacy Group. When I attended 2 years ago, I remember running into some cars I had never seen before or since, and today was no different, although I'm hoping to see some of these cars again!

The Lead Kings are all about doing things and going places. This event brought most, if not all, their members to Cambridge, from as far as Hamilton and Oshawa. And more than one car driving from Oshawa area. These guys are about driving their stuff, and not putting it on trailers (I recall hearing about a windowless, heaterless, custom driving to Detroit in March!).

As the club keeps going it's exciting to follow some of what goes on. I saw recently that Danno did up these flames, and there seem to always be several members with projects on the go, so there will always be "new" cars to see, and more to keep me coming back.

All in all, this is a good show with a great atmosphere a lots of friendly faces!