This is the day that will be remembered as "the day that Mark got a bunch of people to drive their hot rods in the snow."

It really was just that. Mark's enthusiasm is infectious, and as he planned the day he wasn't planning on snow. The vision for the day was to bring several hot rod organizations together for a social function. It was a low-key day, where I could almost meet everyone.

I arrived in London at the clubhouse about 20 minutes early and already there was about 20 cars on the street. Apparently the forecast hadn't scared that many people off. The cars just kept coming in, and in total (with our best guess, and lack of counting ability) there was around 40 cars.

In the ELTA shop there is a banner hanging up. On the banner is a photo from the Cayuga dragstrip from many years ago. The photo is made up of a row of young men with their backs to the camera, showing off their club jackets. Using that as inpiration we managed to arrange our own photo with a selection of the clubs who made an appearance in the morning. I'm hoping there will be another event in the future, and another photo with even more jackets in attendance.

Seeing this come together makes me realize how tight-knit the car community is. People drive for hours, some coming from as far as Kingston and Barrie, just to spend some time with friends. It's when I see things like this that I realize that this hobby is not going away anytime soon.

As it was a low-key event, not everyone did the shop tour. Everyone who went though was in for a surprise. SNOW!

This crowd of hot rodders is something special. Even with the snow in the air, everyone had a smile on their face, and no one was all that worried about it. In the words of somebody there, "We may not be smart, but we sure ain't candy-assed!"

What drew us to Kirkton was Dale's Performance, a new shop, with some great looking projects on the go! It's easy to see that they will be going for a while with the enthusiasm of all those involved. I will let the pictures speak for themselves. 

What makes events like this go so well is the people involved. Having someone like Mark head it up gets everyone excited about it, but then when everyone shows up and is excited about the cars, but also excited about seeing old friends and making new ones, it puts everyone at ease. Seeing people like this come together gets me really excited for the future of hot rodding, and excited to be living in 2016. For the moment I'm happy here, and have quit work on the time machine to take me back to the 50's. 

A big thank you to Mark and the ELTA for organizing this event, and everyone for showing up and braving the snow with a smile on your face!