Lug Nuts is changing. It hasn't been an overnight decision, but one that has been inevitable right from the start. 

Lug Nuts is going digital. Honestly, it's not something I want to do since I love print, but in order to keep telling these stories, to do the photoshoots I want to, and to keep meeting more car guys, it is very necessary. It all comes down to money. Writing costs, print cost, distribution costs, gas, food, life, etc. all add up to quite a lot more than the magazine can support. By eliminating many of the costs (and probably most of the income) Lug Nuts will become a hobby for me, Kenny.

Things will continue to evolve as I find my way through this, but here's how I see it going for now: 

The content produced will go online for free, and hopefully will be sponsored by some past, and some new sponsors, which will help offset current costs, and hopefully pay me a little for my time into it.

The intent is to keep the quality as high as possible, and due to the ease of creating things to be published digitally, there will be freedom to add in some special treats that we couldn't due to print costs. 

In a few years my vision is to create a book that will include much of the content published online. This book will be a no-holds-barred creation, which will mean it will take as long as it takes. Production numbers will reflect the interest of the community. If I only make one book for myself I'm still going to be happy. 

I'm also looking to collaborate with a variety of creative people, from concept artists, to cartoonists, to creative writers, photographers, journalists, historians, etc. to make this website one-of-a-kind, and a reflection of many aspects of the automotive culture. 

As far as content goes on the website and in the book, I think the previous paragraph addresses that quite well. Branching out from the typical is very much a part of who I am. I want to tell the stories of the traditional hot rods, the race cars, the rat rods, the concours cars, and everything in between, just like I have been doing. One thing I want to bring on more than I have in the past is history. Because of how informal many of us in the car culture are, a lot of things get lost. I still have a chance to record some of the stories from the 50's and 60's, and go to the original source. The website will be seeing some videos in the future of interviews with some of the people who shaped the car culture in the early days here in Ontario, and maybe even across Canada (if opportunity and budget allow).

To give you a teaser of what I have been working on, here's a small teaser of what I'm looking at putting out on this website this year. Many of these photos are not from the photoshoot, as the photoshoots have not all happened yet.

I'm really looking forward to what the next years hold with Lug Nuts. While the printed magazine is going away there are many new possibilities with digital publication. Thanks for all the support I have received from everyone so far, and thanks in advance for the support in the future.