After having the time of my life at Autorama last year, I couldn't wait to go back! Last year I returned home so tired after the weekend of trying to keep up with the ELTA that it took me a few days to recover! This year I did the show in one, 20+ hour, day, and it will probably be a similar story here again. I got up at 5:30 to meet a group of guys in Fergus, Ontario, and from there we headed down to Detroit.

Sunrise on my way to meet the guys.

Walking into Cobo hall was a great feeling! Seeing the best customs of the year all in one spot was a little numbing, as it always is when you're staring at the best of the best of anything. I think next year they should maybe just put a few "normal" hot rods and customs in there, just to make people like me realize just how good these cars are!

The paint on this Willys gasser was amazing! All the different types of lace, and other designs could have been a disaster, but the simple colour scheme pulled it all together really well! The engine looks alright too I guess....

Old concept cars still look great today! It's easy to see where some styling cues came from in cars after these. Loved seeing the turbine car there as well!

Great seeing Mike Livia's 1936 Ford "Copperhead" sitting pretty as well! If you get a chance, could you please go vote for him in the Vintage Auto Insurance Championship!

This '32 really caught my eye. The colours worked so well, and the engine just looked so right!

Knowing I was only going to be here for 1 day I quickly got through the upstairs, missing a few vehicles, and a lot of details, and headed for the basement.

This year the ELTA display brought down 3 drag cars. The side by side setup gave a great glimpse into some if the different eras and styles of dragracing. I think my favorite one might just be the gasser pedal car...

A recent build by an ELTA member has already gained a bit of attention as it was on the cover of the latest Autoweek (which was shot by yours truly). The proud owner and builder agreed to have his picture taken with the magazine and car and was shortly, and not too inconspicuously photobombed by his ELTA brothers.

Also in the display was Wayne Rochon's '57, which he drove to Cobo Hall! On ice! He might be a bit crazy, but I'm proud to call him a friend. Beside his car was Chris "Vicount" Nemeth's '58 Bel Air, then behind Wayne's car was Chris Hemstreet's '48 Plymouth. Each of these cars have incredible stories, and on another day I might (and should) dig into them a bit further.

Over the past year this car has come up in conversation once or twice with Wayne Rochon. He talks about Denise, who does these roadtrips in this ride, and how he joined up with her and a group of ladies for a short stint of the one roadtrip. It seems that Denise and her friends know how to drive!

One of my favorites of the show was this belly tanker. It's probably not that fast, but also probably not very safe. Rough around the edges and looks like a ton of fun!

Another favorite was this '32. It sits right, it has the right wheels, the right engine, and the colours are amazing!

The basement has the cars that you might actually see out for a drive on real roads. These cars don't disappoint in their raw nature. I enjoy these every bit as much as the ones upstairs!

While I got to Autorama, and had a great time, the only proper way to do it is in 2 or more days. I rushed though it to see the people I wanted to, and to see most of the cars. I missed a lot, but regret nothing!