It's New Year's Eve and I'm sitting here thinking about 2017. I have no idea what's going to happen. There are a few things waiting to go, and some things scheduled in, but not much yet. After seeing everyone else reflect on 2016 it's hard not to do the same.

I can hardly believe how many people I met in 2016. So many new friends, and so many people I didn't have time to follow up with (sorry about that). With all the excitement of 2017 I'm hoping to spend more time at the track, in garages, and hopefully on some road trips. I'm excited to meet more passionate people who are building, racing, and driving interesting cars.

Lug Nuts was started with the idea of telling cars' stories, and as time goes on I'm finding that the cars are a connecting point, but it's the people's stories with the cars that make it so appealing to me. The people who drive just because they're awake and can't think of a better reason, nor do they need one. People who drive their cars further than they should, in weather that they shouldn't. People who drive their vehicle across country to go meet their friends at a car show. People who don't drive that much because they're so busy building the next car. People who have never thrown away old parts, and were considered a pack rat until now, when they're sitting on a metaphorical gold mine. People who spend every spare moment fine tuning their project, only to really drive it for a few seconds at a time as they brave the 1320. None of it makes sense to anyone else, but that is the price of passion. It's like trying to explain music to a deaf person, or clouds to a blind person. It's something that has to be experienced to understand. I feel like I have had a good start to the experiences, well at least enough to know that I know nothing.

I also have to thank everyone for all the support in the past year. It's meant a lot to me to see Lug Nuts stickers on cars and toolboxes (I still don't understand why you put them there). Your support means a lot! It has has also been really special to meet people who have heard of Lug Nuts through their friends, or discovered Lug Nuts online. Some of those stories are really cool (Hello Dave Adams). Between this website and Facebook I have met some amazing people. I have found projects and people who are doing things I thought only happened in the 60s. People are telling me about projects they are starting, and I think I'm about as excited as they are. At the end of the day the thing lacking is the time and budget to tell more of these stories, and as I work on those problems please keep telling your friends about Lug Nuts, and keep building, driving, and racing.