Cobble Beach was probably one of the biggest surprises of the summer for me. While we cover a lot of hot rods in the magazine we really do like all sorts of cars, and have covered concours cars in the past, and plan to feature more in the future as well. The people behind these cars have some fascinating stories to tell, and some of these cars have the history and "pedigree" that deserve recognition.

I arrived at Cobble Beach on Saturday, and wasn't immediately told to go wash my car, so I knew I would get along with these people really well. In fact they told me to park behind a gorgeous Mercedes, Sunday's award-winning 190 to be exact. To say I didn't fit in was an understatement, but was amazed at the "Canadianness" of the event. Everyone was so welcoming and relaxed that I slowly began to feel at home. 

As I picked up my media pass I noticed a Superbird sitting in the parking lot, and it being my first one, I immediately went over to get a few photos of it for fear I was dreaming. 

After pinching myself repeatedly I made my way into the tent in front on the main building where I was once again blown away by the quality of the vehicles being shown. These vehicles were generously being displayed by various museums, some of which I may be harassing in the future to do some photoshoots with. This tent did pose a problem though; I found myself drawn to the 1930 Alfa Romeo, and forgot to take some good photos of it, which is something I don't recall having happened to me before. 

After I managed to get myself out of the tent I went for a stroll down the street to see what was there. Some absolutely gorgeous stuff, that's what. Each car unique, with it's own story, and a few of my all time favourites as well, including the 1959 Cadillac, and the Jag XK120. The Packards, Austen Healeys, Ferrari, and Lamborghinis did a good job of filling in the gaps. Our friend Mike Livia's '36 Ford was there as well drawing in as much, if not more, attention than everything else!

After meeting a few people I called it a night and headed for home, looking forward to the second day that I hadn't actually planned on attending.

Sunday's show was a whole different feeling. After they still didn't kick me out for showing up with a dirty car, and even let me into the VIP parking lot (since I had a media pass), and to top off the entry I got a ride from the parking lot to the front door in a Cadillac Escalade.

Walking onto the show field was very different as well. The music was playing, and the scenery was even better than the previous day, although I didn't think it was possible.

Just before the start of the field was the famous Bugatti, built by the Guild, and voila, my first concours event!

The day went on and was a little chilly, but the cloud cover provided excellent light for the photos, and the lack of rain also didn't go unnoticed. All in all the weather treated us well.

Award ceremony time and I go stand beside some other photographers and looked like I knew what I was doing. National anthems played, some awards given out, sponsors thanked, charities talked about, some other things taken care of, and the presentation of the cars is on! 

Seeing that all these cars run and drive was impressive! I like that it's a necessity of these events. 

I made sure I got photos of every car that came across the platform, and am only including a few. Any owners that might want photos not seen here can feel free to contact us.

Above: The show winners

Cobble Beach Concours d'Elegance was a great event! I will definitely be back next year and am going to be talking about it a lot between now and then! Rob McLeese and all those who worked alongside him to make this event happen did a spectacular job!