I think I shot my last car of 2015, so here is the list. Not all of these made it into the magazine or onto the Facebook page. Stay tuned for more info on some of them.

The cover of Issue #4 of Lug Nuts

Seeing a bit of the exhaust smoke on this made it for me. Still one of my favorite trucks to this day!

Two vehicles that will never go out of style. The setting and everything was just about perfect on this!

This photoshoot was done by the seat of my pants. I knew I had to do a photoshoot with this car, but didn't know exactly where I would do it. It turned out far better than I ever hoped.

Talk about a childhood dream I never realized I had. This just happened to be the 50th year of the Daytona Coupe as well.

Two amazing vehicles. The setting with the garage just made everything better too!

Does a picture get any more nostalgic? This is still the coolest bar I have ever been in!

First time doing a photoshoot like this in the snow. No trouble though since this thing is daily driven!

The ELTA throws the best party around. The light at night just makes the street look even better than during the day though.

The location for this was absolutely perfect! Planning on heading back here to shoot some more cars sometime.