I recently was walking around a cruise night in Waterloo, and something caught my eye that normally wouldn't.

I usually gloss over just about anything after about 1975, but this was a small cruise night so I was looking at everything. While walking around this Cadillac the Pininfarina logo caught my eye. At first I would have concluded that someone with a sense of humour had put it there. On closer inspection I realized that the dash actually might have a bit of Italian flavour in it.

It turns out this car was indeed designed by the Italian Pininfarina design company. The bodies were also built in Italy, then flown to Detroit where they were combined with the chassis and engine.

The car was supposed to compete with the Jaguar XJS V12 convertible and the Mercedes-Benz 300SL, and in a comparison, it actually came out on top! Now the Cadillac was criticized for its handling, which isn't all that surprising since the Americans did the chassis, and the Europeans seemed to have a better handle on handling. But apparently the reason the Cadillac made the top of the list was due to the price of the other cars, and this price was due to the exchange rate at the time. So really, the Cadillac came out on top in an American review because it was an American car, and possibly a bias opinion.

In 1987 the Allante's base price was $54,700, and finished production in 1993 at $59,975 with a total of 21,430 cars produced.

Now I'm not a huge fan of this car, but I do find it quite interesting that at one point the Americans went to Italy for design. When can this happen again? I think it would be brilliant to send them a small-block V-8 and ask them to send us a car after.