I met Ben Davis on Saturday in Brantford while checking out a new build. I was really impressed that someone as young as Ben would take on a project like this.

When I go to cruise nights and car shows the average age is usually between 45 and 60, so seeing a young man like this get into the community in such an active way is inspiring for the future of the local car community.

I can't wait to see what's next for him.

Here are his words on the car.

Name: Ben Davis

Age: 16

Dad's Name: Richard Davis

Year: 1987

Make: Chevrolet

Model: Camaro

Motor: 2.8L V6

The whole Camaro experience itself started about three or four years ago. It came to a point where I was ready to buy my first real project car. The plans were to swap a free motor into a 1988 Camaro which was purchased about 3 years ago. Unfortunately, due to problems with the computer and the general overwhelming factor of what we were trying to do, the car was stripped for parts, and scrapped. 

One day in English class, I was searching Kijiji and came across a Camaro in Barrie for $600.00. Immediately interested, I got more information on the car. The owner described it as a rust free, low mileage car. After some pictures for proof, I talked to my dad and we went and got it (in a snowstorm), settling at $550.00 for the car.

The first step to this project was rebuilding the front and rear end of the car. Every part that I could fit into the sandblaster was blasted, primed, and painted either red, black, or bare metal color. All the bushings were redone in red polyurethane, which definitely paid off. The car is just about as tight as my grandpas 2013 Honda Civic. The next step was a stainless catback exhaust system into a Magnaflow Cross-flow muffler. 

Then me and my dad started on the body work. The entire body of the car was sanded down to bare metal. The little rust and body damage was pulled and dolleyed to the best of our abilities, and the remainder was skimmed with some filler. The car then got hit with a couple coats of SPI Epoxy Primer, followed by G2 Featherfill spray putty. The car was then blocked down, and hit with Nason High build primer. It was then blocked down again and finally painted with Nason Silver and Gunmetal. The stripes were painted on as well. 

Overall, this father son project has been a wonderful experience for both me and my dad. We have had tones of fun already, and plan to have much more in the future. Throughout the adventure, I have certainly learned a lot, and plan to do it again sometime soon.