Cars mean many things to many people. To some they are just pieces of metal, but to others they mean much much more.

Cars mean freedom to so many people. Cars take you wherever you want to go, unlimited by bus routes and train tracks.

After the idea of the magazine came to life, many people had ideas about which cars should be featured, because so many people see the passion that exists for cars. From soccer mom vans to Chevelles, there is something special about every car.

The other side of this is that a lot of cars are only special to the owner, and maybe to close friends of the owner.

Let me tell you why my car is special to me.

My car doesn't have a particularly easy life. Driving a gravel road every day isn't easy on it. It told me recently with a rather loud noise, a worn out wheel bearing. When I got my car it came with a few scratches, chips and dents. The finish on the buttons of the radio had worn off, and by now it's so bad that it is a memory game to remember which button does what. The light behind the clock also went out. So if I'm late, it's not my fault, it's Toby's (Toby is my car).

My car has done a road trip to Nashville and back, where it performed flawlessly. It has driven me to Killarney, where I discovered it has enough room for me to fold the back seats down, and almost stretch all the way out to sleep. It has taken me to college and back more times than I care to count. Most importantly, it has never let me sit beside the road. Now this may have something to do with the engineers behind the car, but I'm going to give the car itself a good portion of the credit.


Even though it has never let me sit, it has had some problems, like the wheel bearing. Another problem he had was last summer, when the passenger side window wouldn't go all the way down, and the door would make a pretty loud pop every now and then when it was being opened. One day when picking up a friend, Toby decided that this particular friend was not getting in the front door, and since the window wouldn't go all the way down, there was no crawling in the window either. My friend ended up crawling in through the back door. On the same day another friend was able to get in and out without a problem.

The same thing happened a few days later with another friend.

All of this was due to a piece of metal in the door, which keeps it from swinging out too far, being bent. It was catching on the window when the window was down, and wouldn't let the door open.

Rather than let these things annoy me, I prefer to look at them as the car having a personality. I know cars technically are all mechanical, but it brings a little bit of joy into my life looking at things this way.

Tell me what your car means to you, and I don't care what you drive.