Ryan Thompson is part of the automotive art and design community. He went to school for Industrial Design at Fanshawe, graduating in 2000. After his education he started Mind's Eye Concepts as his way of being part of the local hot rod community. He is also working on a 1956 Chevy truck which sits in his garage while he works on it. 

He is very passionate about Jeeps, and has had his since he was a teenager. It appears to be part of his family, and very unwilling to leave. Whenever Ryan considers selling it, either his wife will shut down the idea, or something will go wrong with the Jeep that he needs to fix, telling him that it's going to be sticking around indefinitely.

Ryan's design process is very traditional, using pencils and markers. This gives his work a texture that is very desirable and enjoyable. He is starting to do some things digitally, but is much more comfortable working with his markers and pencil.

Ryan is a very creative person. He is humble about his work, and incredibly talented. Be sure to check out Mind's Eye Concepts on Facebook here.