This place caught my attention after I met Matt Tuckey, the owner, at the Delaware Speedway. His unique finish on his wagon caught my eye. The original paint, which is partly missing, simply recieved a clear coat to protect it. I agree with Matt when he says that "When it's gone you can't get it back." Matt told me to come by and check out the flea market sometime since there is a lot of automotive memorabilia there, including an old gas station, which immediately piqued my interest.

This summer I also saw Matt's truck at the ELTA Summer Bash, and posted a photo of it on the Lug Nuts Facebook page, not knowing that it was Matt's truck. A concept artist, Ryan Thompson, who will be in Issue #3 of the magazine, said that it was his friend, Matt's, truck. I thought nothing of this, because I didn't remember Matt's name at the time (we had only met once, very briefly). Everything finally came together when I called Matt up to take up on his offer of a tour of his place, and he told me that Ryan had sent him a picture of his truck I had taken.

The Pinery Antique Market's season is quickly coming to a close for the year, and over 100,000 people will have gone through by the end of the year. This is an impressive number of people considering it is only open Sundays from May to Thanksgiving.

From high-end antiques to automotive memorabilia and everything in between, the Pinery Antique Market seems to be the place to be. I was fortunate enough to get a tour of the place without the crowds present.

The Garage

When I arrived, I met Matt in his garage, and what better place to meet a person? From his first car, to his last, they are all very cool! I will let the pictures do most of the talking on that. When I saw Matt's truck previously, and took the photo, I didn't realize what a performance machine it was. It actually runs the quarter-mile in the 11's!

The Market

The cars aren't the only thing on this property, they aren't even part of the flea market at all, although there is VIP parking for classic cars (I parked my hatchback in this area...classic joke...right?)

An old fighter jet mounted on a pole has to attract the people, and it actually got the folks from the London Airport out to check out how it was mounted before they mounted their own!

There are stories behind everything here. More than you're probably willing to read, and definitely more than I have time to write. Matt, along with his family, spend a lot of time working on this place to keep it up, and Matt's contributions like the old Ford sitting in the Antiques Building that he did the restoration on don't always make him a lot of money, but it's something he is passionate about. Matt's love of cars is everywhere on this place. The automotive memorabilia leaves a lasting impression of those days gone by. It's refreshing!

Speaking of refreshments, we finished the tour in Matt's "gas station", a great place to fill up on those vital liquids, beer, as it's commonly known. 

Pièce de Résistance

This gas station is a really cool place! It's something like every man wants his man cave to be. The difference with a man cave and Tuck's Gas Bar is that Tuck's Gas bar is licensed and makes money.

I plan on going back here on a day when the market is running so I can see what the place is like at it's peak, but seeing it completely abandoned like I did was pretty cool too! 

Thanks Matt!