Lug Nuts was founded on the basis of seeing the "human" side of the automobile. Some cars take on a life of their own while being owned by many different owners, and some belong to one person for a lifetime and affect that person's life in a huge way. Some people find their satisfaction in the creation process, and some in the stewardship.

Lug Nuts is based in Southern Ontario, and is hugely impacted by the local automotive communities. Whether it's the exotics, the customs, the hot rods, or the drag racers, the passion and love of the automobile is there with all of them.

Lug Nuts is all about interesting cars and interesting people. Cars become more than just pieces of metal bolted together, and just like every person has a story, we believe every car has one too.

The magazine is produced at a high quality, from the paper stock to the photography and writing. The overall aesthetic is unique, and the pride in workmanship shows through.

Lug Nuts is driven by the same passion seen in hot rodding and customizing. Making something unique, and unlike anything else out there, that is inspired by the greats, and driven by hard work and persistence.